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September 01, 2008



I like the article very much. All principles are great. But, I add one comment that as a junior researcher in the field of operations management, I feel the difficulty to just survive.

It is difficult to compete with "science" researcher, their publications are so many, so quick and impacts (SCI impact factor)so great. It is difficult to compete with strategic management and economics, they count it differently.

Furthermore, if your research topic is so unique in your living place, how will you find the right person?

As a junior researcher, how are you working (as a consultant or manager) in the industry and still able to read literature? It is so tough. Please share your view..


Irfan Ertugrul

According to me this essay is so useful for the young scholars because it depends on the views of the stellar scholars because experience is very important in POM as the entire field. Questions asked to stellar scholars are organized to include main aim and gain a perspective for young scholars. According to me the difficulty for the young scholars is modeling the real world because of the complexity. There are many variables that affect the model. Even if multi variable analysis can be used, some variables must be constant or models must be established under some assumptions. To cope with this problem, collaboration mentioned in the essay becomes more important.
For a publishable paper, organization of a paper is also important. The paper isn’t good for the reviewers when it organized badly even if a paper says a new thing or contribution to the literature. According to me another aspect is reviewers’ expression about the paper because rude critics may affect the motivation of the young scholars.
New ideas come from everywhere but according to me reading literature is crucial for the young scholars.

Mine Omurgonulsen

I really liked Bin Jiang's article which tries to give a direction to the joung researchers in POM. As a junior lecturer in this field, I agree with the findings of the article. My PhD dissertation was about the measurement of the quality costs in Turkish food manufacturing problem, which is an unsolved real-world problem. Therefore, I had diffuculty in gathering the data, but I learned a lot about the problems in the real business world and operations area. So, I absolutely share the view of being close to the real world and feel the strong necessity to test the models developed in the real world. Otherwise, one can not understand whether he/she makes a contribution to academia. It is tiring, but once you do that, the academic satisfaction you get and the direction for the future research is greater, I belive. The other things mentinoned in the article, being in a right team in a rignt collabration with infinite enthusiasm also lead us to fruitful projects. So, I would like to congragulate the writer of this article for summarizing the critical roadmap in POM field and also congragulate the editors to create such a discussion platform.

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